YOU CRY, YOU LOSE CHALLENGE – try not to cry (99.7% fail rate, you WON’T pass)

    We were lucky enough to have the wold famous Willy POV edit this collection of empty waves for us and as you can see in the text below . . . . . Willy got a little emotional’ ! We hope you enjoy the show!
    I cried when editing this video. I showed it to my mother and father and they cried. My math teacher caught me watching this on my phone at school. He tried to confiscate my phone, but then dropped to his knees and wept uncontrollably. I felt ashamed of what I had done, creating a video like this of so many beautiful, empty Bali waves is surely a sin. So I went to church and asked blessed Father to forgive me. But I was chased out of the confession booth by the pastor with tears streaming down his face.
    Joining the folks at Bali Bodyboarding to catch these waves for yourself is the only true path to salvation.
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