Willy POV | The Bali Series 2020 – Ep4 – This Doesn’t End Well


    This episode is great. The crew scored a super fun session at Echo Beach where they had the left reef to themselves for an hour before everyone else arrived.

    Willy takes us through the structure of a normal day at Bali Bodyboarding and takes a deep dive in to his progression with doing forward and reverse 360s.

    Hardy talks Willy through the best way to position himself in the line up and not to get frustrated when he doesn’t make waves.

    Make sure you stick around to the end of the clip to see one of our guests (Maksim) almost run over a surfer and Willy takes us through a tour of the Bali Bodyboarding Villa.

    If you want to come and join the fun at Bali Bodyboarding please check out the link below! We would love to hear from you!