Why Bodyboarding?

If you have never tried bodyboarding before then you are in for a real treat. Here are some reasons why you should give bodyboarding a go.

· As you don’t need to stand up your progression will be much quicker than if you devoted the same amount of time to stand up surfing.

· As opposed to surfing if you get hit by the board you are far less likely to sustain any kind of injury.

· You can ride a greater variety of waves quicker on a bodyboard.

· Often people will catch green waves from out the back during their first lesson.

· The equipment is cheaper and less likely to break or need repairing than a surfboard.

· Flippers provide protection for your feet.

· As you paddle with your legs and arms you get a more effective all body work out.

· As you are lying down and closer to the wave you have a greater sensation of speed when riding the wave.

· There are three styles of bodyboard riding (prone, dropknee and stand up).

· Greater variety of manoeuvres than surfing.

· Enough challenges to keep you occupied for a lifetime.