Uluwatu RAW Bodyboarding !

    Uluwatu is one of if not the most consistent high quality wave on earth. Uluwatu is offshore 9 months of the year It can handle any size swell and depending on the size of your cojones is surfable from 2ft to 20ft!!!
    The reef at Uluwatu is broken up into 6 take off points Temples, The Peak, The Bombie, The Racetrack, Outside Corner and Inside Corner.
    The Racetrack works best at 3-5 feet and is normally a very competitive line up however on this day there was only 5 people out trading waves! Bali Bodyboarders Grant ‘G Bear’ Woodhouse and Jot Lauwere were on it taking advantage of the quieter conditions to score some fast down the line barrels!
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