Ryan Hardy tears up Bali’s epic waves! – RAW Bodyboarding


    After a long stint away from Bali, Ryan Hardy finally returns in 2022 to our Bodyboard camp! This selection of clips was shot during our bodyboard coaching sessions, watch as Hardballs spins, flips, and rolls his way through an epic Indo season!

    During our Hardy Camps we pick you up from the airport, bring you to our villa where you will stay the week with us. Each morning we wake early and hit the beach before the light is up. This way we can make the most of the low winds, heat and crowd.

    After bodyboarding our guts out we head to one of our favorite brekkie spots for some well-deserved coffee and food! We pride ourselves in choosing the best restaurants in Bali, from local Indonesian warungs to more western style cafes.

    Once back to the BB Villa we load up the footage onto the TV and Hardy will share his wealth of bodyboard coaching knowledge based on what the guest were attempting on that day. Usual covered points include duck diving, bottom turns, barrel riding, forward spins, reverse spins, rolls, ARS and inverts. These coaching sessions are generally an open coversation and are key to improving your bodyboarding and learning new bodyboarding moves.

    Enjoy the clips and hopefully see you in Bali for some waves!!!

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