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World Tour competitor and all round bodyboarding legend Ryan Hardy has been guest coaching at the school this week after completing his Level 1 Surf Coaching Award. So we took the opportunity to ask him a few questions about his experiences in Bali over the years.

Hardy accompanies Jonas from Switzerland on his first ever wave on a bodyboard. What a way to loose your boogie virginity.
<noscript><img decoding=async class=size full wp image 1603 lazyload alt=Hardy accompanies Jonas from Switzerland on his first ever wave on a bodyboard What a way to loose your boogie virginity src=httpwwwbalibodyboardingcomwp contentuploads201309IMG 3581jpg width=600 height=401 srcset=httpsbalibodyboardingcomwp contentuploads201309IMG 3581jpg 600w httpsbalibodyboardingcomwp contentuploads201309IMG 3581 500x334jpg 500w httpsbalibodyboardingcomwp contentuploads201309IMG 3581 300x200jpg 300w httpsbalibodyboardingcomwp contentuploads201309IMG 3581 320x213jpg 320w sizes=max width 600px 100vw 600px ><noscript><a> Hardy accompanies Jonas from Switzerland on his first ever wave on a bodyboard What a way to loose your boogie virginity

Hard to count exactly, first trip was ’97 then every year since that, sometimes twice a year so probably 20times.

1997 I spent a bit of time there before and after a riptide trip to lakey peak with Toby Player, JoeyJ, Michael Crawley and Marty Tullemans

My favourite place to party in the world! Anything goes…fashion isn’t a concern, party in your thongs and boardies, as much as people heckle it, I’ve definitely had my funnest nights at The Bounty, headband and all!! Haha


Yeah a Keramas session with Kingy and benny p in 2005, pre-crowd days, fun 3-5ft uncrowded filming for hardlyfe2, sick fun!

Not in Bali itself, but I saw Rawlins break his collarbone at ulu’s, that was pretty gnarly, had to carry him up the steps on a board with the help of some other surfers.

For sure! You just gotta know where to go and when…generally not clean and perfect Padang Padang or Canggu when it’s small and clean or legian mid morning at high tide!

Clean, gentler swells than your usual heaving, raw swells out of deep water like Oz, Canaries or Hawaii.

Party wave to finish the session.
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It’s an epic place for people to develop from beginner through to an advanced rider. Gentle beachbreaks to punchy beachies to long points to slabbing reefs combined with year round swell and piss warm water it’s definitely a sick place to develop your riding as a bb’er.

Warm weather, cruisy pace of life and general friendliness of the place, boiling pot of multiculturalism, consistent waves, no sharks, cheap!

Arvo family beach play time, massages, eating out, riding the Moto around, partying, sunsets on the beach on bean bags with cold beer.

Nasi goreng

My wife loves surfing at legian, eating at the restaurants, getting massages and shopping. My son Oli loves playing in the pools all around the place, playing on the beach, playing with the local kids and going to the kids play centres.

Just to recommend for Bali first timers that they travel with or meet up with someone who knows Bali, because its quite easy to get ripped off or get in trouble with the local police who are after tourist’s money! Bad things aside the experienced Bali traveller will know all the best spots to take you to enjoy Bali and avoid the worst traffic times, because congested traffic in Bali can move very slowly and anyone who’s been there knows how lawless the roads can be!

Cheers Ryan,  Aidan!