No More Flipper Rubs: How to treat fin rubs with Compeed Pads and Sports Tape & Keep BODYBOARDING!

    All bodyboarders know the sensation of getting a flipper rub that just won’t go away. Back in the day it could spell the end of a surf trip.
    However in this episode of Bodyboard Hacks Bali Bodyboarding Owner Operator Aidan Salmon takes us through the his technique for preventing flipper rubs from stopping you from going BODYBOARDING.
    This technique is especially useful if you are in Bali or anywhere else tropical and you need to keep dirt and bacteria out of your flipper rub.
    Please also ensure that you are wearing correct fitting bodyboarding flippers and do not use the Compeed Pad technique from the video if your flipper rub or ulcer is already infected. Please see a doctor.
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