Wednesday, August 5, 2020

If you are time challenged and don’t want to commit to one of our One Day Wonder Packages then we can provide you with a 2 hour lesson.

Typical schedule:

  • Get picked up from your accommodation by our own air conditioned transport.
  • Be given a safety brief (signals, hazards, emergency action plan etc).
    Warm up focussing on the muscles groups you will be using during the course of the lesson.
  • If you are a beginner we start from the very basics, and progress to skill specific exercises in the water and on the beach focusing on whatever aspect of your riding you wish to improve on, (use of flippers, spins, rolls, dropknee, contest strategy etc).
  • De-briefing and lesson review.

Our lessons are delivered by professional coaches who customise their lessons to each group’s particular demographic (individuals, children, families, novices, experts etc). You are encouraged to ask as many questions as possible as these questions help us address the aspects of your riding you are most intent on improving. We also welcome your feedback as to how we can continue to improve our lessons so that you leave satisfied.


2hr Introductory Lesson: RP 750,000 (requires at least 2 people)

1 on 1 Lesson: RP 1.3 million

Family Lesson: RP 2.5 million (private lesson available for up to 4 family members. Additional people can be added for RP600,000 per person).

All lesson prices include:

Transport to and from the lesson. (Subject to availability).
2hr lesson with a qualified instructor.
Equipment (board, flippers,)
Imported sunscreen & wax