Photo: Yohannes Banola // Jake Stone flipping at his favourite Balinese skate park!

Two time Australian Champ Jake Stone is somewhat of a regular in Bali so we caught up with him to find out what he likes so much about Bali, quiz him on the benefits of cross training and developing new manoeuvres! 

When did you first come to Indonesia?
I came to Indonesia first when I was 17! It was super different back then Canggu seemed like it was out in the sticks and Kuta was the main vibe.

Why do you keep coming back to Bali?
There’s so many good things to list, the food, the multicultural people, friends, the waves, I love riding a bike around and snacking on the reg and being able to afford snacking on the reg haha.

Which was your favourite wave to surf here?
I like Canggu, it’s always consistent and when it’s big and pumping I ride the boog and when it’s small the stick, it’s heaven for a goofy footer.

What was your most memorable session in Bali (what went down)?
Canggu last time I was up, wind swung offshore and the swell was solid, 4-6ft offshore and some really good ramps and barrels, I wussed a ramp on the right cause nobody was filming I still think about it I would have went to the moon Hahahaha.

What’s your favourite Indonesian food?
I love the indo food! Warung Bumi is really good and the western food is so damn good too ah man that’s a tuff question, I think I’m looking for an authentic Balinese place this time I’m up.

What do you do in Bali when you aren’t riding waves?
I stay at my friend Cody’s place, we play PS4 or I go the gym and do a workout sauna sesh. Bali MMA (World class fight gym in Cangu) is sick too! There’s so much to do!

You are well known for being a dedicated cross trainer. How has Chek training, fight training influenced your bodyboarding?
Well my Chek lifestyle came about because of a back injury when I was 19, it led me away from alcohol and partying and into health and fitness I just felt better. It’s the best thing to do for your  body, mind and soul I feel, it covers every area of health it’s the most holistic training you can do and my back and body would have been done without it.

Fight training is something that I just crave doing, it really feels good. My Dads a fourth degree black belt and I’ve always done some sort of fight training and the fitness side of it carries over to any sport so well! I’m doing Ju Jitzu a fair bit at the moment and really noticing my grip strength and core strength in the surf!

What would be 3 forms of cross training or exercises you would recommend to people who are trying to stay surf fit between surf trips? 

I would buy a swissball from  If I had to choose any exercise it would be one called the supine lateral ball roll it will strengthen whatever is weak in your whole body chain, horse stance dynamic. There’s a lot I could give someone but the truth is everybody is so different I’d have to assess someone before I’d give out exercises, but those two on average would probs be my go too.  If you want to see these done type them into YouTube.

Are you doing the world tour this year? If so which events are you most excited about?
I’m really not sure right now I’ll see how I feel after Hawaii and see if the heart wants a world title.

You are one of if not the most progressive bodyboarder on the planet have you got any moves you are currently working on that you can tell us about?
Thanks mate! I really want to perfect the stone flip (double roll spin) I’ve done a fair few but I’d like to tweak it and make it functional and perfect.

How do personally you learn a new move?
Experimenting with a lot of different moves, getting to know the one you can do and just thinking you can do it, I really remember the moment I was gonna do the stone flip I just told myself it’s possible, Eppo had landed one or two mind you but never on film it should be named after him haha.

Thanks Jake we look forward to seeing you up here again this year!