Eppo and the Bali Bodyboarding Team
Eppo and the Bali Bodyboarding Team
Eppo and the Bali Bodyboarding Team

A chat with Eppo!!!

We were fortunate enough to take a legend of the Boogie out for a day of bodyboarding earlier this month,  Michael ‘Eppo’ Eppulston. For those not up on their bodyboarding history Eppo was the first non Hawaiian to win the World Title back in 1993. He was also the innovator who invented the Air Roll Spin (ARS), Backflip and the Double Roll. Eppo also was one of the first pros to get sponsorship from outside the surfing industry when he signed with Old El Paso earning him another nickname ‘Old El Eppo’ (look out for the iconic image of him launching a huge aerial out of a giant corn chip.  We managed to quiz Eppo about Bali and boosting right after his third session and third bintang for the day.

Where did you surf the first time you came to Bali?

We surfed Uluwatu, Padang, Bingin, Belungan, Yang Yangs, Green Balls and Sanur (not sure of spelling for all these) there were also a couple of other spots which I can’t remember.

Eppo and the boys on their first trip to Bali.
Eppo and the boys on their first trip to Bali.

Where have you got your best waves in Bali?

Near Canggu

What board do you prefer for Bali?

NMD Parabolics

What do you enjoy doing in Bali when you aren’t surfing?

Eating, eating and eating more! Relaxing

What’s your favourite Indonesian food?

Good chicken satay sticks and mie goreng

Tell us your best Bali story:

… My first time to Bali back in the day my mate Simon came around the corning driving trying to be smart and lost control and our back wheel went over a pretty steep rock edge. About 50 Balinese people had to help us get the car back on the road… We didn’t let him live that one down.

What’s your favourite manoeuvre?


Flipping out after getting shacked
Flipping out after getting shacked

Where do you see the progression of bodyboarding going manoeuvre wise?

Doing manoeuvres on bigger waves and multiple manoeuvres of what’s out there now (combination manoeuvres).

Could you ever imagine someone hitting a section at The Right or big Shipsterns?

Never say never… I’m sure someone will do it one day!

Do you think board development in recent years has played a part in the progression of manoeuvres?

Yes definitely! VS and NMD are leading the way in this evolution with parabolic cores and some pretty exciting new technology up their sleeves…

Getting shacked!
Getting shacked!epp


Describe your experience with Bali Bodyboarding

Hanging out with Bali bodyboarding was one of my high lights of my trip it was great to search for wave and getting some they knew to take you to spots that were uncrowded first and then took me to where I wanted to go even though I knew it was going to be crowded I’m so glad I got the uncrowded spot first hanging out talking eating drinking bodyboarding that’s what life is all about.