EPIC RIDES with Pro Coach RYAN HARDY | Willy POV | The Bali Series 2020 – Ep2


    It is finally here!

    The second installment of Willy POV’s Bali Series 2020 is here! In this episode Willy takes a deeper look into one of the people behind Bali Bodyboarding – owner and operator Aidan Salmon. There is also the usual collection of fun waves and all round good times.

    Make sure you tune in all the way to end so that you can enjoy watching former Aussie Champ Liam Lucas’s head explode from having TOO MUCH SPICEY Babi Guling (traditional Balinese pork dish)!

    If you want to come and join one of our RYAN HARDY Camps like Willy then check out the link below. We would love to show you the best bodyboarding waves in Bali and all the other good times to be had along the way!

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