Hey Aidan & Cian,

Thanks for a fun few days experiencing Bali Bodyboarding. The week was humbling from the point of view of never being too old to learn. After 25 years of bodyboarding across all continents, with the most recent seeing me currently residing in Indonesia, I thought I would give coaching a go to see what I can improve on. In all my time bodyboarding I have never surfed with other bodyboarders, sure you meet and chat in the water, but usually I’m solo and the times I have met and teamed up guys for sessions in different parts of the world have always been with stand-ups. So I really had no idea, or valued, the technical aspect of bodyboarding as my main focus was riding a wave for fun and being in the ocean.

I’m 43 next month and it wasn’t until I saw a Bali Bodyboarding video of myself that I realised there are more opportunities to increase my riding enjoyment with a bit more concentration on technical ability and style. I’ve never being one for airs, it’s barrels, speed and big slashing turns which I prefer. But this was getting stale and I needed something more. Enter Bali Bodyboarding and the ever so patientCian. To say I felt like a kook in some sessions would be more than a fair (sometimes embarrassing) summary; and I’m extremely grateful to Cian for his time and coaching. The airs didn’t come and it’s back to basics with inside arm positioning, elbow tuck and outer flat palm on the top turns. The airs will come, you’ll see me annually, maybe twice a year, so we can work on this.

Keep up the great work and cheers to Bali Bodyboarding