Beginner Bodyboarding Lesson !

    We often get asked how we structure our beginner bodyboard lessons and if they are suitable for people with little or no swimming ability and no ocean awareness. The short answer is yes!
    Bodyboarding is an amazing way for for people who aren’t confident in the water to have their first wave riding experience. In this video we had two students who were very basic level swimmers and had very limited experience in the ocean. As you will see by starting them off easy in the white water we were able to build their confidence and skills so that by the end of the lesson we had them ‘out the back’ and catching green waves.
    In this video you can see the step by step process we use in order to ensure that our students are safe, feel secure and have a great time.
    If you would like to try bodyboarding for the first time then please get in touch we would love to start you on your bodyboarding journey!
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