The Land of the Left is in full affect.
The Land of the Left is in full affect.
The Land of the Left is in full affect.

August has been a non-stop month for Bali Bodyboarding. Our new look website and new premises at LV8 Resort has attracted new guests from all over the world. Combine this with a solid serving of dry season swells has meant that there has been a lot of salty smiles around the place. Despite it being the peak season we have managed to dodge the crowds most days and make sure everyone got the waves they came to Bali for.

This is what Cameron Shield an Australian bodyboarder who lives and works in Bali had to say about his time with us. We look forward to seeing you again in October Cameron.

Hi Aidan,

Thanks to you and Cian for last week. It was an eye opener for me from a technical point of view – potentially equally frustrating too.

 I’ll be back in Oct., this time with family so am looking for some morning coaching gigs with filming and reviews during and after. Wouldn’t mind a bit of intense coaching actually. I really had no idea on the tech side and just thought of riding a wave for fun, but it wasn’t until I saw a video of myself that I realized where there are opportunities to have more fun with a bit more concentration on tech and style.

Anyway, I’ll be back in Bali from the 19th to the 27th of Oct and would like to set up a few days of coaching for the mornings if that’s OK.

Thanks once again


Finally last saw the launch of Bali’s first specialist Bodyboard shop. Opened by long time Indonesia resident and legendary board shaper Nick Mez Mesritz, the NMD Board Co will be the first port of call for all Bali’s visiting and resident bodyboarders who need a new ride.  You can find it on the corner of Legian and Melasti streets in the heart of Kuta.


Check out some of the shots below of the August action and stay tuned for our latest podcast which will be up this week.

Bali Bodyboarding’s new HQ LV8 Resort Canggu.
John Robinson and the South Australia boys right before hitting the waves.
Head Coach Cian Salmon jams an end section reverse.
Cameron Shield bottom turning during his one week coaching holiday to Bali.