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With over 16 years’ experience in Indonesia and 10 years of running trips throughout the archipelago our promise to you is to provide you with the perfect bodyboarding package to ensure you have the best possible time in Bali and enjoy your bodyboarding as much as possible.



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We often get asked what is the best time of year to come to Bali so Bali Bodyboarding Owner Operator takes a deep dive...

Bodyboard Hacks: Body Position for Speed with RYAN HARDY

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Trent Alleyne One Week with Us!

Sydney grommet Trent Alleyne came and spent a week with us this October and scored!!!! Reefs, beachies, barrels, ramps, wedges....... You name it they...


Matt Bottomley Testimonial

Matt is the walking encyclopedia of sports trivia. And we were super stoked to have him back for his second Ryan Hardy Camp with...