Wednesday, September 28, 2022
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Welcome to Bali Bodyboarding

With over 16 years’ experience in Indonesia and 10 years of running trips throughout the archipelago our promise to you is to provide you with the perfect bodyboarding package to ensure you have the best possible time in Bali and enjoy your bodyboarding as much as possible.


Le Boogie Podcast with Bali Bodyboarding Owner Aidan Salmon

Bali Bodyboarding Owner Aidan Salmon catches up with pro bodyboarder and Le Boogie Podcast Host Josh Kirkman to discuss all things Bali, Bodyboarding, pandemic...

Davis Blackwell: One Morning Bodyboarding at Echo Beach Cangu Bali Indonesia

Davis Blackwell making the most of cross-shore max-sized Echo Beach! Once the sand bar hits 4ft plus the lineup clears out and Echo Beach...

Australian Pro Bodyboarder Davis Blackwell Scoring Epic Bodyboarding Waves in Bali Indonesia

Australian Pro Bodyboarder Davis Blackwell scored some amazing waves on the east coast of Bali before the trade winds picked up on Bali's right...


Mark Rides The Biggest Wave Ever @BaliBodyboarding

Mark 'The DJ' Cridland is our most frequently returning guest to date! Mark also holds the record for the biggest wave ridden by a...